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6 Ways to Engage Your Audience With Interactive Print Marketing

Interactive print marketing allows more engagement from the receiver, upping retention. 

Interactive print marketing is any print that allows engagement beyond reading from the user. It can have digital or non-digital aspects. 

Non-Digital Interactive Print Marketing

Non-digital interactive print marketing uses creativity to enhance print, creating a unique experience. 

1. Scents

Sending scents through the mail is especially helpful when advertising the wonderful smell of your perfume. 

However, even if you don’t sell perfumes, sending a scent through the mail can still be helpful. By associating your business with good smells, you’ll intrigue and please potential clients while influencing their emotions, as 75% of emotions are due to smell.

Incorporating a particular smell could become part of your brand identity, boosting recognition. People are 100 times more likely to remember a smell than something they see, hear or touch.

2. Invisible Ink

Make your campaign fun by telling your recipients to get the paper wet or bring it outside into the sun. 

Having “hidden” messages appear after following the prompts creates a fun experience for the customer while also making your advertisement memorable. 

Entice your readers to follow the prompts by providing a discount or some benefit after following through. 

3. Origami

Send print that can be transformed into something more through origami. 

This is a fun activity for the recipients. Make sure the directions are clear and the origami doesn’t get too complicated. Otherwise, the recipient will become frustrated. 

Connect the origami piece to your marketing campaign and product. Make it even better by providing the customer with something functional once they’re done, like a pencil holder. 

Digital Interactive Print Marketing

It can be beneficial to change your strategy mid-campaign by including digital aspects. 

It also increases response rates; a study shows the increase in response rates could be from 2 to 35%!

4. Lights 

Did you know you could include lights in your print marketing?

Adding lights can make your direct mail shine. With the holidays just around the corner, adding lights to Christmas trees in direct mail will help you stand out. Use your imagination to find ways to enhance your package through digital lights. 

5. QR Codes 

QR codes help to create a seamless omnichannel approach by creating a bridge between the print and the digital world. 

QR codes can connect consumers to…

  • Social media. Social media is a wonderful way to interact with clients while showcasing your best products or services.
  • Website. Your website can be used to find out more information about your company and answer any questions. To make it even more effective, you could include QR codes that bring the customer directly to the product you’re advertising.
  • Video. If you’d like to share more information than can be included in the print piece, then have the QR code direct users to an engaging video for more info. 

QR codes can help your print marketing deliver more than would otherwise be possible while helping people follow your calls to action more easily. 

6. Artificial Reality

Artificial reality gives your print marketing a chance to come alive. 

When the recipient scans the image with their phone or tablet, they’ll be able to see images moving and making noise through their phone.

It’s another element that increases the recall of the recipients while also providing them with a bit of fun in their lives. 

Print marketing is not archaic. Although it has been used for many years, it has kept up with modern technology to provide unique, memorable features to your target market. 

Let us help you engage your audience with interactive print marketing! Reach out today!


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